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Audrey Ann Lavallée-Bélanger

Media Roundup Coordinator

Step by Step (Khutwa, Khutwa)

[Still from Step by Step, directed by Usama Mohammad. Image from Berlinale.]

Title: Step by Step (Khutwa, Khutwa) Filmmaker: Ousamma Mohammad Date: 1979 Country: Syria Duration: 22 min Other recommended films: Stars in Broad Daylight (1988) and Sacrifices (2002)  When the food is ready just call me Stretched out in my hut Greater than me O Hafez (x2) Bless your father and his dad (x2) Greater than me O Hafez (x2) Three roses for a fine lad You’re the master, I’m your slave x2 Here’s my handkerchief and a wave God willing we ...

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Quebec’s Charter of Values: Citizenship, Patriarchy, and Paranoia

[Examples of ostensible signs that will not be allowed for the state personnel.]

On 10 September 2013, the Quebec government led by the Parti Quebecois introduced its Charter of Quebec Values, that it hopes to implement in that Canadian province. If passed, the charter would, among other things, forbid government employees from wearing “conspicuous” religious symbols in the workplace and citizens from receiving government services while wearing those symbols. The charter is currently polarizing Quebec society. What follows ...

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Syria's Inglorious Basterd

[Khaled al-Hamad, left, in a photo from Omar Al-Farouk Brigade Facebook page]

On 13 May 2013, Human Rights Watch released a statement attesting to the authenticity of a disturbing video that circulated first on Syrian pro-regime websites and then on social media. In it, a Syrian man cuts open a dead regime soldier’s chest, pulls his heart and lung out, threatens “Alawite dogs” that they will all face a similar fate, and takes a bite of the viscera while addressing the video camera. This latest sectarian evocation by a member of the armed opposition, ...

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Supporting Rula Quawas and Academic Freedom: An Interview With A Former Student

[Image from screenshot of Supporting Rula Quawas and Academic Freedom]

On 2 September 2012, Professor Rula Quawas was removed from her position as the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Jordan under nebulous circumstances. In a letter addressed to the president of the university, the president of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), Professor Fred Donner, urged the former to repeal his decision. Donner hinted that the decision might have been related to the circulation of a video that Dr. Quawas’ ...

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The US Media’s Schizophrenic Approach to Mass Shootings

[The memorial outside the Aurora Century Theater, where the shooting occurred. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

On 20 July, 2012, twelve people died and many were injured when James Holmes attacked a crowd of moviegoers at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. The coverage of the event by the American media distracted the audience from a necessary conversation about race in the United States. It is time to reflect on how being a white middle-class male may also be part of the equation. Distractions The first distracting trajectory was the ...

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Audrey Ann Lavallée-Bélanger

Audrey Ann Lavallée-Bélanger is the Media Roundup Coordinator and Syria Media Roundup Editor at Jadaliyya. She is currently writing her anthropology thesis on Syrians' virtual identities and the evolution of the sectarian conversation on Facebook.