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Basma Guthrie and Fida Adely


Is the Sky Falling? Press and Internet Censorship Rises in Jordan

[Jordanian political cartoonist Nasser al-Ga’fari’s work is frequently featured in the local daily newspaper Al-Ghad. This cartoon satirizes Jordanian King Abdullah II’s famous quote, “The sky is the limit for press freedoms in the kingdom,” spoken more than a decade ago. Al-Ga’fari portrays the government, as represented by the man on a ladder, covering an illusionary sky with grey paint from a bucket labeled “Press Law.”]

Since January 2011, the Jordanian political scene has been significantly affected by the waves of change in the region collectively known as “the Arab Spring.” Emboldened by regional events, some fear that barriers have been broken in Jordan as political and labor activists throughout the country have taken to the streets demanding greater governmental accountability, an end to neoliberal economic policies, and economic corruption, and political representation. Jordanian ...

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Basma Guthrie and Fida Adely


Basma Guthrie is a Master's student in Georgetown's Contemporary Center for Arab Studies.  She also manages the Palestinian American Research Center's Washington, DC, office.  Basma has previously worked in Jordan as a teacher, humanitarian actor, and coordinator for intensive Arabic language study programs. Her research interests include reform movements and identity politics in the Levant, as well as Arabic language education for non-native speakers.

Fida Adely is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University and the holder of the Clovis and Hala Maksoud Chair in Arab Studies. Fida is an anthropologist whose research and teaching interests focus on development, education, labor and gender. She is the author of several articles and as well as Gendered Paradoxes: Educating Jordanian Women in Nation, Faith and Progress (Chicago University Press 2012).