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Alia Malek


Syria: When Official Memory is Amnesia

[Bab Kisan, now the Greek Catholic Chapel of St. Paul, where by legend disciples lowered Saint Paul in a basket, helping him escape from Damascus. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

With those who would kill him waiting at each of the gates of Damascus should he try to escape, Saul of Tarsus, the man who would come to be known as Christianity’s St. Paul, fled nonetheless.  Crouching in a basket, he was lowered over the city’s walls by his supporters, and he fled into the Syrian night. It was nearly two thousand years ago that Saul, a soldier, came from Jerusalem to Damascus, dispatched and hell-bent on a mission to arrest followers of Jesus ...

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Alia Malek

Alia Malek is the author of A Country Called Amreeka: US History Retold Through Arab-American Lives and the editor of Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post-9/11 Injustice. Visit her official site here.