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Mohammad Salama


New Texts Out Now: Mohammad R. Salama, "Islam, Orientalism, and Intellectual History"

[Cover of Mohammad R. Salama's book

Mohammad R. Salama, Islam, Orientalism, and Intellectual History: Modernity and the Politics of Exclusion since Ibn Khaldun. London and New York: I. B Tauris, 2011. Jadaliyya: What made you write this book? Mohammad Salama: There were a few reasons that compelled me to write this book. First, I am a Muslim who has been living in the US since the September 11 attacks, and I have witnessed the dire consequences of those events on personal and public levels. After so ...

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My Country Transitioning?

[Egyptian army spokesman speaks on state television. Image Source: Reuters/Egyptian State Television via Reuters TV]

In the days since the historic ousting of Mubarak from his seat of power, the buzzword in mass media discourse has been “transition.” Experts speculate about what type of process Egypt will face, and what it means for international relations, democracy, and the future of the country and the region. With the military now in charge, it is still premature to put a label on the events in Egypt. The wave of energy that enabled this change hasn’t subsided yet; nor should it. The ...

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Mohammad Salama


Mohammad Salama is Associate Professor, Director of the Arabic Program, and core faculty member in Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) at San Francisco State University. His current research focuses on formations of national and religious identities in the colonial and post-colonial literature of his native Egypt. He is the author of Islam, Orientalism and Intellectual History (I. B. Tauris, 2011) and co-editor of German Colonialism: Race, the Holocaust and Post-War Germany (Columbia University Press, 2011).