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Rena Zuabi

Conditions on Aid and the Politics of Development

[Crop of image of the West Bank illustrating control of territory under the Oslo Accords. Image from UN OCHA-B’tselem]

It is mid-August and the heat in the eastern occupied West Bank is oppressive. The air is dry, wind whips up dust, and sand makes its way into the crevices of shoes, pores, and hair. The landscape is covered with settlement agricultural plantations, military outposts, and winding stretches of asphalt. In between this matrix of settlements and outposts are the stretches of makeshift Palestinian encampments – tin shacks and tents that look as though they would fly away with ...

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Rena Zuabi


Rena Zuabi lives in Ramallah and works in the NGO sector. Her previous research focused on the legal geography and geopolitics of Israel’s land tenure system and its impact on Palestinian citizens inside the Green Line. She continues to write on issues related to political transition in the Middle East and the Palestine/Israel conflict.