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Tadween Editors

Tadween Editors

New Book! Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle In Iraq

Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle In Iraq By Ali Issa E-book: $8.99 Paperback: $11.99   Description Collected from dozens of interviews with, and reports from, Iraqi feminists, labor organizers, environmentalists, and protest movement leaders, Against All Oddspresents the unique voices of progressive Iraqis organizing on the ground. Dating back to 2003, with an emphasis on the 2011 upsurge in mobilization and hope as well as the ...

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واقع الكتاب في اليمن


في حوار أجراه معه عبد الغني القرني ونُشر في موقع"الجزيرة نت" قال رئيس اتحاد الناشرين اليمنيين محمد عبد الله الآنسي إن الكتاب اليمني والورقي منه بالذات ما يزال حيا يرزق، ولا زال جليساً يُؤنس، وليس أدل على ذلك من إقبال الناس على اقتنائه في معارض الكتاب التي تقام في فترات ومدن مختلفة، وهو حاضر في المشهد الثقافي بقوة تأليفاً، ونشراً، وتوزيعاً، لكن غياب القانون الذي ينظم صناعة الكتاب في أطواره المختلفة يخلق إشكالات عدة، فقانون حماية الحقوق الفكرية الموجود الآن ليس ...

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كتاب "فلاحو سورية": مدخل أساسيّ لفهم نظام الأسد


صدر عن المركز العربي للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات كتاب "فلاحو سورية:أبناءُ وجهائهم الريفيين الأقل شأنًا وسياساتهم" (704 صفحة من القطع الكبير)، للمؤرخ والباحث الراحل حنا بطاطو (1926-2000)، ويعدّ الكتاب مساهمة تحليلية مركزية لطبيعة السلطة السياسية القائمة في سورية، بالعودة إلى الجذور التاريخية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية والسياسية للفئات المشكّلة لها، ويشمل ذلك تسليط الضوء على الجوانب العقائدية والمذهبية لتلك الفئات. في هذا الكتاب، نجح حنا بطاطو في رسم ...

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Rethink Saudi Arabia and Its Relations Through Tadween Publishing's JadMag

Theorizing the Arabian Peninsula Edited by Rosie Bsheer and John Warner Electronic copy: $4.99  Paperback: $7.49  Combo: $9.99  A number of significant developments in the region make this an opportune moment to revisit our first JADMAG, Theorizing the Arabian Peninsula, edited by Rosie Bsheer and John Warner. The contributing authors’ concerns that rentier state theory obscures the fundamental dependence of national petroleum economies on a global ...

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Coming Soon! Too Big To Fail by Khalil Bendib

A subsidiary of the Arab Studies Institute,Tadween Publishing seeks to institutionalize a new form of publishing press by contributing to breaking down barriers and preconceived notions of the publication world. Release Date: Early Spring 2015   Ebook: $11.99   Print: $15.99 Book Description  Whatever happened to the United States’ much-vaunted post-Cold War “unipolar moment,” when it was not only supposed to be the only superpower ...

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Coming Soon! Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle In Iraq

[Ali Issa,

A subsidiary of the Arab Studies Institute, Tadween Publishing seeks to institutionalize a new form of publishing press by contributing to breaking down barriers and preconceived notions of the publication world. Release Date: Late Spring 2015  E-book: $8.99 Print: $11.99 Book Description:  Collected from dozens of interviews with, and reports from, Iraqi feminists, labor organizers, environmentalists, and protest movement leaders, Against All ...

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New Book: Creative Refuge

[Cover of

Creative Refuge By Reem Charif, Mohamad Hafeda and Joumana al Jabri E-book: $25.00 Paperback: $35.00 Tadween Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, Creative Refuge. Creative Refuge brings forward the experience of three workshops working with children at Beit Atfal Assomoud, Burj El Barajne Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. The publication is a research catalog of the collected children’s stories, dreams, ...

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Tadween Spotlight: Gaza

This summer, Gaza dominated the headlines. A rising death toll at the expense of Israel’s weeks-long Operation Protective Edge, a death toll that currently stands at over 2,000 killed, once again brought attention to the politics surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the devastation of the Gaza Strip. As Gaza fades from the headlines, Tadween Publishing would like to spotlight its two Gaza-focused publications to reignite the discussion and attention to the ...

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Today’s Intellectuals: Too Obedient?

By Fred Inglis The Responsibility of Intellectuals, Noam Chomsky’s classic essay, is now approaching its 50th anniversary. His mighty polemic was written as his country, the US, moved deeper and deeper into national and international crisis. The tonnage of high explosive dropped on Vietnam finally exceeded the entire total of Allied bombs dropped on Europe during the Second World War. The American nation’s response to this horrifying display of brute power was a ...

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Al-Diwan Roundup: News and Analysis in Publishing and Academia from the Arab World

Al-Diwan brings you the latest news and analysis in publishing, academia, pedagogy, and knowledge production from across the Arab world.   What History Books for Children in Palestinian Camps? By Rosemary Sayigh (Jadaliyya) “The Palestinians might be said to stand in deep need of self-knowledge and cultural unity in this, the longest and most arduous of struggles against colonialist dispossession, yet because of external political pressures and educational ...

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Announcing Arab Studies Journal Vol. XXII: Cultures of Resistance

Editors’ Note In “Cultures of Resistance in Palestine and Beyond: The Politics of Art, Aesthetics, and Affect,” Sophie Richter-Devroe and Ruba Salih introduce the imperatives, questions, and ideas that inspired the special issue we are featuring here. Encompassing a broad array of approaches, methodologies, and perspectives, Rania Jawad, Adila Laïdi-Hanieh, Maha Nassar, Helga Tawil-Souri, Miriyam Aouragh, Craig Larkin, Brahim El Guabli, Hanan Toukan, and Yazid Anani each ...

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New JADMAG: The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution

The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution  Edited by Muriam Haleh Davis  E-version: $3.49 Paperback: $5.99 Combo: $7.99   In July 2012, Algeria celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence, which signaled the victory of the FLN (National Liberation Front) over the French army. Despite five decades of Algerian independence, much of the work done on Algeria continues to focus on the colonial period. This pedagogical publication seeks to ...

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Afterthoughts on Piketty’s Capital

By David Harvey Thomas Piketty has written a book called Capital that has caused quite a stir. He advocates progressive taxation and a global wealth tax as the only way to counter the trend towards the creation of a “patrimonial” form of capitalism marked by what he dubs “terrifying” inequalities of wealth and income. He also documents in excruciating and hard to rebut detail how social inequality of both wealth and income has evolved over the last two ...

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الإيروس في تحولاته: من عصر الحب إلى عصر الاستهلاك

ناظم مهنا* الإيروس في كل مكان: درجت العادة أن يخوض في هذا الميدان، المتخصصون والمحللون الأكاديميون! وبما أن المسألة تخصنا جميعاً، أقدم، بتردد، بعض الإشارات والآراء، على ضوء التجربة والتأمل وبعض القراءات. عندما يبدأ الإنسان باكتشاف جسده، في سن مبكرة من الطفولة، تبدأ المحرمات والقيود بأشكال مختلفة! وفي هذه الحلكة، تتكون فينا ذوات سريّة، تجعلنا نسترق النظر، نتلصص، لاقتناص لحظة الاختبار! ثمّ ،لا يلبث أن يستفيق الآباء، والأبناء متلبسين بالشبهة، ثم يستفيق المعلمون، ...

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أخبار ثقافية

مجمع اللغة العربية وعداؤه للتعريب قال علي القاسمي في مقال نُشر في "القدس العربي" إنّ معركة ضارية نشبت في المؤتمر السنوي الثمانين للمجمع في القاهرة بينأنصار التعريب ومناهضيه. فقد أطلق الشاعر الكبير فاروق شوشة، الأمين العام للمجمع الشرارة الأولى في الجلسة الافتتاحية للمؤتمرالتي حضرها جميع رؤساء المجامع العربية ومدير مكتب تنسيق التعريب بالرباط و الأعضاء وجمع غفير من المثقفين، إذ انتقد بشدة موقف لجنة الطب في المجلس الأعلى للجامعات المصرية التي أوصتبعدم تعليم الطب ...

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Introducing Al-Diwan

Tadween Publishing’s blog is transforming into Al-Diwan. The move attempts to capture the spirit of a shift towards creating an open space for discussion.
 The name Al-Diwan was chosen because of its flexible meaning, which is left open for interpretation. In both Persian and Arabic, diwan may represent a collection of poetry or prose.  Egyptian poet Ibrahim al-Mazini once defined the meaning of diwan as a collection of poetry in which people “write down what wells up ...

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صار اسم مدونة تدوين للنشر "الديوان". وتهدف هذه الحركة إلى التعبيرعن روح الانتقال إلى إنشاء فضاء مفتوح للنقاش. وقد اختير اسم "الديوان" بسبب معناه المرن، المفتوح على التفسير. ففي كلٍّ من الفارسية و العربية، يمكن أن تعني كلمة ديوان مجموعة من الأشعار أو الكلام المنثور. وقد عرّف الشاعر المصري إبراهيم المازني الديوان بأنه مجموعة من الأشعار التي يقوم فيها الناس "بتدوين ما يخطر في أذهانهم في ذروة سعادتهم، وما يجعل الإنسان يحلق فوق الحياة، ويجبره على أن يحسّ ...

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Tadween Roundup: News and Analysis in Publishing and Academia from the Arab World

News and stories with a focus on the publishing industry, education, and technology from across the Arab world. The Arab World Learning Barometer (Brookings Institute) The Center for Universal Education at Brookings has developed an interactive tool that depicts the state of education and learning in the Middle East and North Africa. A Conversation with the Head of the Association of Arab Universities By Rasha Faek (Al-Fanar Media) Al-Fanar Media interviews ...

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New JADMAG: “Resistance Everywhere”: The Gezi Protests and Dissident Visions of Turkey

“Resistance Everywhere”: The Gezi Protests and Dissident Visions of Turkey Edited by Anthony Alessandrini, Nazan Üstündağ, and Emrah Yildiz Electronic copy: $6.99 Paperback: $10.99  Combo: $12.99 On 20 June 2013, Jadaliyya launched the Turkey Page. “Resistance Everywhere”: The Gezi Protests and Dissident Visions of Turkey is the culmination of Jadaliyya’s coverage of this summer’s events in Turkey. This collection focuses on the ...

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New JADMAG: Gaza Revisited

Gaza Revisited Edited by Noura Erakat Electronic copy: $5.49  Paperback: $7.99  Combination package: $9.99   In November 2012, Israel began an aerial bombing campaign against the Gaza Strip that lasted eight gruesome days. Even in its first hours, and before its full magnitude was known, the military campaign sparked urgency amongst observers because of the memory it evoked. In winter 2008/09, Israel conducted a twenty-two day military offensive ...

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Tadween Editors


Tadween Publishing is a new kind of publishing house that seeks to institutionalize a new form of knowledge production. A subsidiary of the Arab Studies InstituteTadween aims both to publish critical texts and to interrogate the existing processes and frameworks through which knowledge is produced. Specifically, Tadween is dedicated to four fundamental goals:

  • To join the current that challenges the monopoly of the mainstream publishing world by expanding and deepening the notion of what is publication-worthy;
  • To offer readers thoroughly interactive products that bring the benefits of technology to refined scholarship and other significant texts;
  • To focus on pedagogy by attending to the way texts and other forms of produced knowledge best make their way into a classroom; and
  • To contribute to a new kind of knowledge production—and knowledge—on the Middle East and beyond.

We will publish in Arabic, English, and French, and there will be no restrictions on region or topic.

New Forms of Publishable Knowledge 

Tadween aims to challenge the barriers, boundaries, and preconcieved notions of the mainstream publishing world. At the same time, it aims to elevate the standards of nontraditional media publishing by upholing the peer-review standards applied to traditional scholarship. Each submission, irrespective of its nature and form, will undergo thorough internal vetting before it is submitted to a rigorous peer-review process that involves at least two external reviewers. As a new kind of publishing house that incorporates new forms of media and knowledge-production mechanisms as they evolve, Tadween aspires to help influence the publishing world. 

Interactivity With Purpose

Increasingly, knowledge consumers, particularly the new generations, access and process knowledge differently, and are stimulated by a variety of media that did not exist until recently. Tadween seeks not only to join the world of interactive knowledge production, but to do so in an intellectually responsible manner. We recognize that the mechanisms and mediums through which knowledge is accessed, processed, disseminated, and appropriated are not neutral: they impinge on content and message. Tadween’s print publications will thus serve as a gateway into further multifaceted research, bringing together a variety of media forms in a way that facilitates engagement with a subject in all its complexity and depth.

Pedagogy and the Classroom 

In expanding the realm of publishable knowledge, Tadween emphasizes its products' pedagogical dimension. Not all publications are equally amenable to a classroom, but most Tadween texts will have teachable and research aspects that will be deliberated in the production process. Tadween's aim to combine the best of scholarship, technology, and creative output is geared toward the purpose of creating more engaging texts, both for students and researchers/educators.

Knowledge Production Project

Finally, Tadween will be the primary vehicle for the dissemination of the fruits of theArab Studies Institute’s Knowledge Production Project (KPP). This eight-year project aims at gathering/mining, organizing, and analyzing knowledge produced on the Middle East, primarily in the English-speaking world, since 1979. The KPP will create six databases that catalog all peer-reviewed articles on the region, all books, and a variety of other print, visual, and online sources of knowledge, including think-tank policy papers, films, and websites. Tadween will publish the statistical and analytical products associated with this project.


KPP was born from the understanding that the knowledge on the Middle East that exists in the public realm, particularly in the United States, does not reflect natural distribution of what needs to be known and that knowledge production is a thoroughly nonneutral and politicized process in which power relations, paradigm bias, and funding play a dramatically disproportionate part. While this insight is not new, it will be newly supported by KPP's near-comprehensive and meticulous evidentiary base, whose uses cannot all be determined in advance—but we do anticipate that most such uses will contribute to a less problematic knowledge production process in the future.

Tadween (تدوين) means “to document” in Arabic. 

Visit our Arabic section here.




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Bassam Haddad

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Nehad Khader

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Thomas Sullivan

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