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Samantha Brotman and Ed Gaier


Two Steps Back: How HR 35 Fails to Protect California Students

[Jewish students protesting Israeli policy at UC Santa Cruz. Image from]

In August 2012, the California State Assembly passed House Resolution 35 (HR35). Although it is non-binding and carries no immediate legal implications, the resolution seeks to address anti-Semitism on University of California and California State University campuses by encouraging administrators to take greater initiative, including actions against students and faculty who express critical views of Israel.  Representatives passed the resolution in response to an ...

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Samantha Brotman and Ed Gaier


Samantha Brotman is a student in the Master of Arts in Arab Studies program at Georgetown University. Her research focuses primarily on Christian Zionism, Zionist history and discourse, and the religious communities of the Levant and North Africa. Samantha is the Research and Development Manager at the Arab Studies Journal.

Ed Gaier is a full-time researcher for communications strategy consultants in Washington, DC and is the project manager for the Arab Studies Institute’s Production of Knowledge Project. He received his bachelor’s from Siena College and master’s degree from George Mason University: both for political science. Ed continues to pursue his academic interests through writing and research as an independent scholar.