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Gillian Kennedy

Egyptian Doctors' Strike and the Quest for Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice

[Striking doctors protest in front of the Ministry of Health and Population in Cairo. Photo from official doctors' strike facebook page.]

A small yet significant meeting takes place directly across the street from the Cairo central union office for healthcare professionals. It is a meeting of the strikers’ central committee for the Doctors Syndicate, in which the General Secretary Amr Bakr personally describes the divisions within the syndicate as an “extreme clash,”[1] between the Muslim Brotherhood-led leadership currently against the strike and a non-Brotherhood faction that is organizing the ...

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Gillian Kennedy



Gillian Kennedy is a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern
Studies at King’s College London. Her PhD examines coercive and consensual counter-
hegemonic strategies within the Egyptian Islamist movement from colonial rule up until the dramatic demise Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian regime. She is also a history tutor for Modern European History and Early Modern European Intellectual
History in Kings College London, Department of History. Last year she worked as a Press Officer for the Tamer Institute for Community Education in Ramallah, Palestine. Her articles appeared in the Atlantic Community, the Euro-Asia Review, the Montreal Review and the Journal on Islamic Civilization (University of Lahore). She graduated from University College Dublin with a BA (Hon) in History and Politics, and later completed an MA in International Relations at Dublin City University. For more information, please visit