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Bel Trew and Nada El-Kouny


Eyewitness from Gaza: Historic Convoy Breaks the Siege

[The recent attack has produced a wave of protests all over the world. Here, pro-Palestinian shirts hang in one of the cities. Image originally posted to Flickr by Misha K.]

Five minutes after a Gaza-bound convoy of 330 Egyptian activists arrived at the Rafah border crossing, the bombing started. Even on the Egyptian side the ground shook. A grey circle of cloud signalling the presence of an Israeli rocket rose above the terminal. The booms only ignited the activists' chants, who hailed from groups such as the Revolutionary Socialists, the Constitution Party, the Popular Current, the Strong Egypt Party, the Egyptian Current and the Nasserist ...

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Bel Trew and Nada El-Kouny


Bel Trew and Nada El-Kouny write for Ahram Online.