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Heba Afify, Amira Ahmed, and Lina Attalah

The President's New Powers

[Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy giving a speech during his first visit to Europe in mid-September. Image originally posted to Flickr by European External Action Service.]

President Mohamed Morsy has often celebrated the fact that he has seldom used his legislative powers, using that fact as an index of his care not to abuse his expansive authorities. Those powers were acquired by the president in August after he canceled a constitutional addendum drafted in June by his predecessors, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, to claim legislative authority following the dissolution of Parliament that same month. But a new constitutional ...

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Heba Afify, Amira Ahmed, and Lina Attalah


Heba Afify is a reporter for Egypt Independent.

Amira Ahmed is a journalist for Egypt Independent.

Lina Attalah is the chief editor for Egypt Independent. She studied journalism at the American University in Cairo.