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Seifeldin Fawzy

The Show Trial of Port Said

[A mother of one of the twenty-one football fans sentenced to death in the 1 February 2012 Port Said stadium-riot case, yelling at media

The second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, and the first under Muslim Brotherhood rule, was never going to pass peacefully. Nationwide, pro-democracy demonstrations were planned in protest at undemocratic decrees and increased police brutality under the current government, and the general lack of progress made in meeting the demands of the revolution raised two years earlier. In the Canal Zone cities of Suez, Ismailiyya and Port Said, it was marked by protests and ...

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Morsi's Democracy Devoid of Press and Media Freedoms

[Several Independent and private newspapers ran this cover on 4 December 2012 in protest against infringement on their freedoms]

“No one will touch media freedoms. There will be no pens broken, no opinions prevented, no channels or newspapers shut down in my era.” This confident claim was uttered by Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi soon after his election, and at the time was met with doubt, as no action had yet been taken to prove its credibility. Today it is a representation of one of the most glaring mistruths perpetrated by Morsi towards the people of Egypt. Freedom of expression and speech are among the ...

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Democracy, Democracy, But The Courts Can’t Touch Me

[Protests in downtown Cairo on November 23rd. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

Through the release of a controversial set of executive decrees, President Mohamed Morsi has granted himself unheralded powers—powers normally reserved for dictators, not democratic leaders. The raft of decrees effectively renders him as “above the law,” meaning that the jurisdiction of Egypt’s courts no longer applies to the Egyptian president, or any of his Islamist-controlled executive bodies—an unprecedented move that not even Hosni Mubarak himself dared to employ. The ...

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Seifeldin Fawzy


Seifeldin Fawzy is an Egyptian commentator and trainee lawyer at Thebes Consultancy, a Cairo-based law firm. He holds an LLB from University College London.