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Khaled Hroub

Atatürk and My Grandfather

[Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with King Edward VIII.]

Where the young Palestinian Ismail Hroub was killed and buried after being recruited by the Ottoman army in the early twentieth century remains unknown. His brother, my paternal grandfather Khalil Hroub, would for the rest of his days remain saddened by the early loss of his brother. He had refused any money from the Ottoman administration, then based in Hebron, as compensation for this loss. Like many Palestinian families who lost young men in the Great War, and despite ...

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Khaled Hroub


Khaled Hroub is a professor of Middle East Studies at Northwestern University/Qatar and director of the Cambridge Arab Media Project, University of Cambridge. He is the author of Hamas: Political Thought and Practice, and Hamas: A Beginner’s Guide; and editor of Political Islam: Context versus Ideology and Religious Broadcasting in the Middle East.