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Isis Nusair

DARS Page Co-Editor

مقابلة مع الشاعر رامي العاشق

[صورة للشاعر والكاتب رامي العاشق]

رامي العاشق: " دمشق - دمشقي تحديدًا، ذهبت بلا عودة، ذهبت دون ان أعرفها جيدًا، أو تعرفني، ودون أن أبحث فيها وفي سحرها بلا نوم ولا تعب، دمشق ندمي، وذاكرتي التي بدأت أخسرها، وهي أكثر ما يؤلمني." حوار: إيزيس نصير رامي العاشق، شاعر وكاتب وصحافي فلسطيني سوري، من مخيّم اليرموك في العاصمة السورية دمشق، يعيش في ألمانيا حيث يرأس تحرير صحيفة أبواب "أول صحيفة عربية في ألمانيا" منذ ديسمبر 2015 ، يكتب الشعر بالفصحى والمحكيّة، وله ثلاثة كتب صدرت: "سيرًا على ...

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Pixelated Intifada: An Interview with Palestinian Filmmaker Amer Shomali

[Image via Amer Shomali]

This interview was conducted in Ramallah, Palestine on 16 June 2015 following the local and international release of Amer Shomali’s film, The Wanted 18, which opens in US theaters on 19 June 2015. Isis Nusair (IN): Where did the idea of the film come from? Amer Shomali (AS): I grew up in the Yarmouk [Refugee] Camp in Syria. During the first intifada (in 1987), my parents would tell me stories about Palestine. As a kid, they could not tell me all that was happening. I ...

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Between 'Reality' and Memory: An Interview with Palestinian Filmmaker Michel Khleifi

[Director Michel Khleifi working on set with one of the child actors]

Isis Nusair (IN): How did you start making movies? Michel Khleifi (MK): It happened by chance. There was nothing in our life in Nazareth that would have prepared me to be a filmmaker. The films we saw, like all the children our age in the 1960s, were popular and commercial. This was our only chance to breath in the “Nazarene ghetto.” Closure was imposed on us by the Israeli occupation through its cruel military rule that banned us from leaving Nazareth without permits. The ...

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حوار مع المخرج السينمائي الفلسطيني ميشيل خليفي

 [ صورة للمخرج الفلسطيني ميشيل خليفي]

[ هذه المادة هي جزء من ملف خاص بعنوان "كبرت النكبة". وهو ملف متنوّع حول نكبة فلسطين ستقوم "جدلية" بنشره على مدار الأسبوعين القادمين.] ايزيس نصير: كيف بدأت مشوارك السينمائي؟  ميشيل خليفي: حدث هذا نتيجة لمصادفة! لم يكن هنالك في حياتنا النصراوية ما يفرض أنني سأكون يوماً ما مخرجاً سينمائياً! كل الأفلام التي كنا نشاهدها كانت أفلاماً شعبية تجارية ككل أطفال العالم في الستينيات. هذا ما شكّل لنا المتنفس الوحيد داخل "الجيتو النصراوي" الذي فرضه ...

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On Palestinian Cinema: The State of Israel vs. Suha Arraf

Suha Arraf is a Palestinian filmmaker based in Mi’ilya in the Galilee in Israel. Arraf is a journalist by training. This interview with Arraf was conducted following the recent screening of her debut feature film, Villa Touma, at the Cleveland International Film Festival in the United States. Isis Nusair (IN): Where did the idea for the film, Villa Touma, come from? Suha Arraf (SA): I got the idea for making the film in 2000, during the Oslo Peace Process (and before the ...

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On Palestinian Cinema: An Interview with Film Director Najwa Najjar

[Najwa Najjar]

Najwa Najjar is a Palestinian filmmaker based in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. She has worked in both documentary and fiction. Her debut film was the feature  Pomegranates and Myrrh (2009), and her second feature is. Eyes of a Thief (2014). The latter was selected as the Palestinian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated. This interview with Najjar was conducted following the ...

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Dead Sea Living

[Image by Intuitive Pictures]

Dead Sea Living, directed by German Gutierrez. Canada/France/Palestine, 2013. Although the Dead Sea has no life, it provides living through the rich minerals extracted from it. Yet the flood of water into the Dead Sea is slowly receding. It has witnessed a ninety-foot drop in only thirty years on a lake that is just sixty-seven kilometers long and twenty kilometers wide. At this rate, the Dead Sea will bottom out as a small pond in about fifty years. German Gutierrez’s ...

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Parallel Walks in al-Khalil: A Photo Essay

[Walking in the Israeli Settler controlled area in al-Khalil. Image by Isis Nusair.]

I last visited al-Khalil (Hebron) with my family when I was a child in the mid 1970s. I only have vague recollections of that visit, except for the place where Ibrahim (Abraham) was to sacrifice his son. For some reason, and maybe because as a child I was unable to comprehend why a father would be asked to sacrifice his son, that visit remained ingrained in my memory for years to come. While studying in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, I always visited Ramallah, Bethlehem, and ...

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Isis Nusair


Isis Nusair is Associate Professor of International Studies and Women's Studies at Denison University. She received her PhD in Women's Studies from Clark University. She teaches courses on transnational feminism; feminism in the Middle East and North Africa; and gender, war, and conflict. Her research focuses on the gendered politics of location of four generations of Palestinian women in Israel, and the displacement of Iraqi women refugees in Jordan and the US. Isis previously served as a researcher on women's human rights in the Middle East and North Africa at Human Rights Watch and at the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network. She is co-editor of the DARS Page.