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Karim Malak


Playing the Numbers Game: Copts and the Exercise of Power

[Egyptians Copts form a cross with their bodies on a street during a mourning march for victims of the Maspero clashes with the military on 9 October 2011, AP Photo/Amr Nabil]

With 25 January upon us yet again, the “Coptic question” remains as salient as ever. This hermeneutic expression, similar to Shlomo Sand’s historicization of what was the “Jewish question,” in the context of contemporary Egyptian nationalism, is important to interrogate. This is in light of continued state-focused analysis post 25 January 2011, which seems to have been reified over the past two years. From electoral results and state dynamics to constitutional drafting and ...

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Karim Malak


Karim Malak is a Research Assistant at the Political Science Department at the American University in Cairo (AUC). He is the former Political Assistant at The Carter Center (TCC) Democracy Program, Cairo.