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Lajee Center Media Unit, Aida Camp, Bethlehem


With Our Ideas We Take Our Portrait: Reflecting on the Work of George Azar

(Protest. Photo by George Azar.)

George Azar is a Lebanese-American photographer and filmmaker who has been documenting life in the Levant since 1981. At that time he left California to photograph the Lebanese civil war with an eye to the complexity of the human experience of those events. When the first intifada began in 1987, Azar documented life in the West Bank with the same fine-grained approach. During the second intifada, Azar’s This is Palestine project moved in a different direction by focusing on ...

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من فكرتنا بنصور صورتنا

[سديل وعبود

في هذه المجموعة من الكتابات، لثلاثة مصورين فلسطينيين لاجئين في مقتبل العمر، تعليقات على أعماالمصورة الأمريكية الأرجنتينية السندرا سنتغوينتي التي زارت فلسطين مرتين خلال الانتفاضة الثانية. محمد العزة وياسمين سالم وأريج أسعد، كانوا أطفالاً عندما التقطت المصورة السندرا هذه الصور. وقد وجدوا بعد سنوات طويلة أن لهذه الصور صدى سياسي وشخصي بالنسبة لهم. وثقت المصورة السندرا آثار العنف العسكري الإسرائيلي هناك، ولكنها التقطت أيضاً لحظات هادئة من التأمل. انجذب هؤلاء الكتاب لهذه الصور ...

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With Our Ideas, We Take Our Portrait: Reflections on the Work of Alessandra Sanguinetti

[“Sadeel and Aboud”, C-Print. By Alessandra Sanguinetti.]

In this collection of essays, three young Palestinian photographers and refugees respond to the work of Alessandra Sanguinetti, an Argentinian-American photographer who visited Palestine twice during the second Intifada. Mohammad Al-Azza, Yasmeen Saleem, and Areej Asad were children when Sanguinetti took some of her photographs in their community. Years later, they found these photographs personally and politically resonant. Sanguinetti documented the aftermath of military ...

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Lajee Center Media Unit, Aida Camp, Bethlehem


Lajee Center is a community-based organization in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem. It houses the youth photography collective, "With Our Ideas, We Take Our Portraits," a discussion group on photography of Palestinian society.