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Media on Media Roundup (November 2)

[A 2015 photo of the Michel Aoun who was elected President of Lebanon on 31 October 2016. Photo by Imadmhj via Wikimedia Commons]

In this week’s Jadaliyya “Media on Media” roundup, the war of words over the push for a US-backed “no fly zone” in Syria continues as an extension of the war on the ground: Alternet scrutinizes mainstream media’s “high-octane push for war,” using the 2011 war in Libya as a lesson. Lebanon’s presidential nominee General Michel Aoun has a history of recurring clashes with the press, which, in a country where it is technically illegal to disparage the head of state, does not ...

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Media on Media Roundup (October 27)

[Iraqi army tank and personnel outside Mosul during an offensive to retake the city from ISIS. Image from Tasnim News]

This week, Jadaliyya's "Media on Media" roundup offers a variety of news and opinions on the way the media have been operating in the region. Why is the truth on Syria so difficult to decipher? International media have become a playing field for the war in Syria, with each outlet pushing a preferred narrative that is reflective of the convoluted conflict on the ground. On the other hand, the battle of Mosul has been gaining so much media coverage that it is ...

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Media on Media Roundup (October 20)

[Archive photo of a Saudi woman voting in the first municipal elections in December 2015. Image from Al Arabiya]

This week, Jadaliyya's "Media on Media" roundup offers a variety of news, focusing on how agenda-driven media operate in the region. There is a visible division in media coverage of the war in Syria that belies a deep political rift. After the recent U.S. presidential debates, alternative outlets are questioning the mainstream media’s agenda with respect to the U.S.’s role in the ongoing war in Syria. Meanwhile, Russian media outlets are exploiting this division, ...

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Media on Media Roundup (October 12)

[Bombing of Sanaa dating back to 11 May 2015. Photo by Ibrahem Qasim, Wikimedia Commons]

This week, Jadaliyya's "Media on Media" roundup takes a closer look at the media industry in the Middle East.  In the shadow of Syria’s inconsistent media coverage, an entrepreneurial journalist has developed a platform which uses geo-tracking to collect social media from and on conflict zones. The platform can directly benefit investigative journalists in areas where conflict-zones are too dangerous to monitor physically. Zawya has released an updated report ...

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Media on Media Roundup (October 4)

[Chadia Bitar protests a 2003 visit by Shimon Peres in Dearborn, Michigan, to receive the John P. Wallach Peacemaker Award. Bitar’s two young sons were among 100 civilians killed by Israeli bombs in Qana, Lebanon, in April 1996. Peres was Israel’s prime minister at the time of the bombing. Image by Rebecca Cook, Reuters]

This week, Jadaliyya's "Media on Media" roundup highlights media response to the death of Israeli leader Shimon Peres. Mainstream western media eulogized Peres by leaving out a key population affected by his policies; meanwhile, Israeli media took the liberty of summarizing Arab media’s reaction to his death. In a critical look at foreign correspondence, this Ahram article dissects a recently published, critically-hailed article in The New York Times ...

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Media on Media Roundup (September 30)

[Account suspensions come on heels of agreement between social media giant and Israel to team up against

This week in Jadaliyya's "Media on Media" roundup highlights discussions around conflict and media in a field already exacerbated by propaganda from all warring factions. For instance, this article tackles the use of media as a tool for warfare and the role of citizen journalism--how exactly is media being exported and how do we judge what constitutes credible citizen journalism? This week’s Special is a review of a number of articles that address the deal between ...

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Media on Media Roundup (September 20)

Facebook is collaborating with the Israeli government to determine what should be censored - Image via The Intercept]

This week's Jadaliyya "Media on Media" roundup covers topics ranging from government-sponsored Facebook censorship to the relationship between language and national identity. Facebook’s recent cooperation with the Israeli government to censor content deemed violent has stirred controversy when it was uncovered that Facebook has complied with 95% of the Israeli government's demands for removal of “inciting content,” bringing into question how free speech is ...

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Media on Media Roundup (September 13)

[The Libertarian presidential candidate was strikingly unprepared to answer a question on the Syrian war from MSNBC's Joe Scarborough. Image via]

This week’s Jadaliyya "Media on Media" roundup tackles a number of issues dealing with media practices, coverage, and freedom of expression. With the ongoing war in Yemen, two media outlets have been divided between Saudi-backed forces, and those who stand with the Houthi-led rebels. On a cultural note, two films--Saudi ‘Barakah meets Barakah’ and Egyptian ‘Eshtebak'--are making global headlines as they participate in a number of international film festivals, ...

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Media on Media Roundup (September 6)

[ A huge graffiti artwork of Alan Kurdi on the banks of Main river near European Central Bank HQ in Frankfurt. Photograph: Frank C. Müller: Wikimedia Creative Commons]

This week’s Jadaliyya "Media on Media" roundup is set against the backdrop of a variety of issues. In a targeted airstrike, ISIS propaganda mastermind was killed, resulting in a major blow to the organization, which has built its recruiting efforts around the media. Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose image made global headlines, has been dead for a year now. This was an occasion for a number of media outlets to question what has changed during that ...

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Media on Media Roundup (August 30)

[Armed police in Nice forced a woman on a beach to remove her burkini, sparking outrage online. Image from Vantage News]

This week’s Jadaliyya "Media on Media" roundup features a host of articles about the Jordan Arab Media Festival which discussed the hurdles and opportunities facing Arab media as well as counterterrorism efforts.   On social media, there was ado about the recent controversy of banning the burkini on French shores. Arabs went online to either vociferously denounce such human rights violations or to throw their support behind the French government’s ...

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Media on Media Roundup (August 23)

[Still shot from video of the little boy Omran Daqneesh that shocked the world. Mahmoud Raslan/Aleppo Media Center]

This week’s Jadaliyya "Media on Media" Roundup features a host of articles about Omran Daqneesh, the five-year-old Syrian child who has become a symbol for the voices decrying airstrikes in Aleppo. British cartoonist Martin Rowson’s depiction of the situation offers a grim assessment entitled Dance of Death. The New York Times draws comparisons between Daqneesh’s picture, and its impact on discourse regarding the Syrian civil war, and that of the now iconic image ...

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Media on Media Roundup (August 16)

[Screenshot from Google Maps showing the absence of a label on Palestine/Palestinian territories]

This week’s Media on Media Roundup includes a special section dedicated to a discussion about the controversy surrounding Google Maps’ apparent omission of the Palestinian territories from the popular application. Much of the coverage has focused on the backlash Google is receiving despite their issuing of a press releases that maintains it action was merely a technical error. In Israel, activists are reporting a local censor curtain being drawn by the government. ...

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Media On Media Roundup (August 12)

[Screenshot of the deleted tweet by Virgin Ticketing Box Office with image of Israeli soldier used in an ad for the Lebanese Army. Photo: Virgin Ticketing Box-Office/Twitter

This week’s Jadaliyya media on media roundup is set against the backdrop of a variety of issues. In Lebanon, an ad celebrating the country’s army was heavily criticized and eventually retracted after it was revealed that the soldier in the image was an Israeli, prompting a quick apology from the company. Elsewhere, Pokemon GO’s popularity has finally reached the point where it has been banned for the first time in a country. Iran issued a ban that outlawed the ...

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Media On Media Roundup (July)

[This is a monthly roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on media and communication in the Middle East and North Africa and reflects a wide variety of opinions.] The month of July has seen a great deal of media-related discussion. News of the ​coup attempt in Turkey and its fallout, the release of ​Pokemon GO, ​celebrations of Ramadan and ​the Syrian civil war have all been topics of significant debate and deliberation ...

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Media on Media Roundup (July 28)

Anti-coup protesters after 15 July 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt in Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey. [Photo by Maurice Flesier, Wikimedia Commons]

This week's "Media on Media Roundup" features an array of articles ranging from discussion of the aftermath of the attempted military coup in Turkey and hostility towards the LGBTQ community in Israel to how the Middle East is reacting to Pokemon GO. One of the earliest consequences of the coup was the throttling and restriction of Internet access. ​Turkish authorities took it a step further by blocking access to WikiLeaks after the release of over ...

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New Media, New Politics? Theoretical Interventions and International Invocations

[Protesters march through the financial district in New York. Photo by David Shankbone from Wikimedia Commons]

As part of the Jadaliyya Roundtable on New Media and New Politics, we offer three audio presentations from the April 2013 Westminster conference that address matters of mediation from theoretical and international perspectives. The topics presented here problematize analyses of the Arab revolutionary action and mediation by looking at these through the prism of "liberation technology," as synerigistic with South American Occupy movements, and as refractions of ...

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Media On Media Roundup (March 31)

[Egyptian TV host Bassem Youssef arrives at high court on Sunday wearing a hat that pokes fun at President Morsi's visit to Pakistan where he wore a similar hat at an honorary doctoral induction in Pakistan last month (Photo:]

Egypt Issues Arrest Warrant for Satirist Egyptian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for popular television host and satirist Bassem Youssef for insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi.  Saudi Arabia 'May End' Twitter User Anonymity Arab News daily reports that Saudi Arabia may try to end anonymity for Twitter users in the country by limiting access to the site to people who register their identification documents.  UAE Arrests an Activist for ...

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Media On Media Roundup (March 24)

[Three-year-old Hussein in Firdos Square Baghdad holding a photo of the site taken by Jerome Delay (AP) of US forces and Iraqis on 9 April 2003 pulling down Saddam Hussein's statue. Image by Maya Alleruzzo-AP]

Iraq War and News Media: A Look Inside the Death Toll Frank Smyth reflects on the record number of slain journalists during the Iraq war as the tenth anniversary approaches.  Al-Jazeera Plans British, French News Channels Al-Jazeera plans to launch a news channel in the UK as reports suggest the TV network is at an “advanced stage” to launch a French-language channel.  Breaking the News Mold: Egypt's Community Media Gains a Much-Needed Voice Miriam Berger on a ...

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Media On Media Roundup (March 17)

[The photo that kickstarted a firestorm--Ahmadinejad embraces Elena Frias, the mother of Hugo Chavez, during the funeral of the late Venezuelan President. Image from Miraflores News Service]

Bahrain Arrests Twitter Users, Arab Leaders Warn of Social Media 'Extremism'  Authorities in Bahrain have detained six people for allegedly defaming the country’s ruler on Twitter, while Arab interior ministers have warned of the “spread of extremism through social media networks.”  Egypt Blames Media for Plot to Topple Morsi Bradley Hope on the increasing polarization of Egyptian media that has resulted in criticism against both government officials for ...

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Media on Media Roundup (March 3)

[One of the photos from Instagram users in the Israeli army that caused controversy. Image from user @eliya_hatan via RT]

Assad accuses UK of bullying  In a rare interview with the UK's Sunday Times, President Bashar al-Assad accused the British government of bullying and naivety in its approach to the conflict in Syria. Journalists Syndicate elections postponed After the general assembly failed to reach a quorum of fifty percent plus one of all eligible voters by 3 pm on Friday, 1 March, elections have been postponed to 15 March. Visiting French Reporter Prevented from Leaving Iraq ...

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Media Page Editors


The Media Page is edited by Adel Iskandar and Malihe Razazan in collaboration with the Media Studies program at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

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