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Jean-Francois Seznec

The Center or Bust: Will the various forces in Bahrain finally compromise on a centrist approach to power?

[President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his first offical trip to Saudi Arabia in 2007. Image from]

The events in Bahrain are most tantalizing.   Should the opposition gain some ground and succeed in breaking the 240-year old stranglehold of the al-Khalifa family on the island, it would make Bahrain a beacon of social and political progress in the Gulf.  Should they fail and see their movements repressed harshly, presumably with Saudi help, it would nominally keep the al-Khalifas in power but throw the opposition in the arms of a waiting Iran and the rest of ...

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Jean-Francois Seznec


Jean-Francois Seznec, Ph.D., lived six years in Bahrain in the 70s and 80s.  He then worked for a Bahraini bank in New York for five years and travels to the island very often.  He now teaches courses on the political economy of the Gulf at Georgetown University and speaks on the subject worldwide.