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Darryl Li


A Separate Piece?: Gaza and the “No-State Solution”

[Crop from image below illustrating Gaza's spatial separation from Palestine. Image by Michal Wexler.]

In recent months, more and more quarters of respectable opinion have sounded the alarm that at some undefined point in the future, partition of Israel/Palestine along the 1967 lines will no longer be “feasible.” Yet any ensuing fights over the accuracy – or even the public acceptability – of such announcements miss how far ahead the Zionist right is on these questions. Unwedded to any pieties about “moderation” or the “two-state solution,” some Zionists have floated the ...

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Roundtable on Occupation Law: Part of the Conflict or the Solution? (Part VI: Darryl Li)

[Palestine through time. Image from unknown archive]

[This is the final part of a six-part series associated with a Jadaliyya roundtable discussing the relevance of occupation law to the Palestinian-Israel conflict at this historical juncture. Participants include Darryl Li, Lisa Hajjar, Nimer Sultany, Asli Bali, Ahmed Barclay, and Dena Qaddumi. A description of the roundtable can be found here.] A reckoning is upon us – not simply a tallying of votes over the campaign for Palestinian ...

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قانون الإحتلال وواقع الدولة الواحدة

نشر المقال على موقع جدلية باللغة الإنجليزية وترجمه إلى العربية يوسف حداد  لعقود ٍ خلت، لعب القانون الدولي للإحتلال – وهو يتفرع من قوانين الحرب (أو ما يسمى بالقانون الدولي الإنساني) – دورا ً محوريا ً في صياغة الحوار حول إسرائيل/فلسطين. ووفقا ً لما هو معمول به في الضفة الغربية وقطاع غزة، فإن قانون الإحتلال يوفر مجموعة من المعايير التي تخدم في تحليل سياسات اسرائيل القمعية والعنصرية، إضافة إلى بعض الممارسات الفلسطينية. لعل الوثيقة الرسمية الأكثر إقتباسا ً في النقاشات ...

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Occupation Law and the One-State Reality

[Image from]

For decades, the international law of occupation – a branch of the laws of war (or “international humanitarian law”) – has played a major role in structuring debates around Israel/Palestine. As applied to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the law of occupation has provided a useful and globally shared set of criteria for analyzing Israel’s discriminatory and repressive policies, as well as certain Palestinian actions. There is perhaps no legal document cited more ...

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Shades of Solidarity: Notes On Race-talk, Intervention, and Revolution

[A Saudi mujahid teaches Bosnian soldiers how to shoot. Image fron unknown archive.]

In this season of revolution, the early and stunning toppling of dictators – if not necessarily entire regimes – in Tunisia and Egypt has been followed by what appear for the moment to be stalemates in Bahrain and Libya. And in these latter two countries, despite wildly different circumstances, a curious phenomenon has emerged: a concern over foreign, and often racially marked, “mercenaries.” In Tunisia and Egypt, armies have acted as relatively cohesive national ...

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Darryl Li


Darryl Lian anthropologist and attorney, is a Post-Doctoral Research Scholar at Columbia University’s Committee on Global Thought. He is on the editorial committee of Middle East Report.