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Jonathan Rashad

Empty Tahrir

An Egyptian child with a police costume in Tahrir square. January 25, 2016 (Photo by Jonathan Rashad)

Five years ago, thousands of Egyptians called for protests on the 25th of January to demand "bread, freedom and social justice" and challenge the security apparatus' vast human rights violations. The protesters managed to topple thirty-year autocrat Hosni Mubarak after eighteen days of protests and clashes with the police. Before that day in 2011, January 25 was the national commemorative day of the police. What does that day mean to Egyptians today? Ahead of the ...

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Egypt: What Elections?


With a final turnout of less than twenty-six percent, voting for the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections ended on 28 October across fourteen governorates, including Giza, Alexandria, Suez and Fayoum. The poor election turnout came as a shock to many observers. The ongoing elections are viewed as the third and final step of the transition “roadmap” that the current political leadership announced following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi two years ...

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"We took the boat of death": Syrian Refugees Arrive in Austria

[Syrian refugees along with other migrants marching from the Hungarian city of Hegyeshalom to the Austrian border. September 2015. Photo by Jonathan Rashad.]

In September 2015, tens of thousands of Syrian refugees flooded into Austria from the Hungarian city of Hegyeshalom, six kilometers from the Austrian-Hungarian border. According to the United Nations, more than four million Syrians have fled the country since the civil war started. "We took the boat of death and drowned in the Aegean Sea on the way to Greece," said Hassan Elbalah, a Syrian refugee who escaped the war this year. As I waited in the bus station ...

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Minyan Village Mourns: A Photographic Essay

Galliny, uncle of Gerges Samir, 20, and Malak Ibrahim, 25.

Between agony and happiness, the village of Al-Aour in the Egyptian governorate of Minya received the news that thirteen of its sons were among the twenty-one Egyptian Christians recently beheaded by the Islamic State (IS) organization in Libya. Women and children’s screams echoed through the village. On 3 January 2015 around 2 a.m. in the coastal Libyan city of Sirte, masked gunmen knocked on the door of a dormitory of Egyptian workers. "We came for the Christians. ...

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Photo Essay: Blockade Outside the Israeli Embassy in Netherlands

[Protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in The Hague.]

On Tuesday 5th of August, Dutch activists called for a blockade of the Israeli embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, to voice their opposition against Israel’s military operation in Gaza. [Two protestors stand in Buitenhof before the protest kicked off.] Police was present in full force all over the city center with many on horseback, to guard the embassy and ID-check people in its vicinity, as they knew from a Facebook event that activists would attempt to hold a ...

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Sisi Mania in Photos

[An Egyptian voter takes a photo of her son with an army conscript outside a polling station in the Cairo suburb of Rod al-Farag. Cairo, Egypt – 27 May 2014. Photo by Jonathan Rashad.]

Expressions of support for former army chief and the presumed presidential election winner Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have reached new heights during the lead-up to the 26-28 May 2014 vote. His name and image can be found on billboards all over the buildings, posters plastered on the walls coffee shops, and photos on display at street vendors’ stands. As I covered the elections over the course of the past week in Cairo, I encountered pro-military songs everywhere—coffee shops, ...

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Morsi Trial Protest in Photos

[Standing in front of riot police during a protest outside the Police Academy in Cairo, a supporter of Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi doing the “Rabea” gesture, in reference to Rabea sit-in, which security forces cleared up violently last August. 4 November 2013. Photo by Jonathan Rashad]

On 4 November 2013, supporters of Egypt's deposed President Mohamed Morsi protested outside the Police Academy in Cairo as they awaited his trial. Due to chants by the defendants, including Morsi and fourteen other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the trial was adjourned until 8 January 2014. Morsi, along with the other defendants, are accused of inciting murder against opposition during his year as president.              

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Al-Manial’s Tragedy in Photos

[Residents of al-Manial march from Salahuddien Mosque with the coffins of people killed in the clashes. 6 July 2013. Photo by Jonathan Rashad]

Hundreds of people, including supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi and residents of Cairo's al-Manial district, clashed for hours on al-Gamaa bridge on the night of 5 July 2013, using rocks, sticks, and guns. The chaotic scene started around 10 p.m., as Morsi's supporters were returning from a march nearby Tahrir Square. The violence dragged on for hours, as victims were being carried away to the hospital every few minutes, and as the terrifying sound of gunfire ...

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Jonathan Rashad on Freelance Photojournalism in Egypt

[Image of Jonathan Rashad.]

[This post is part of an ongoing Profile of a Contemporary Conduit series on Jadaliyya that seeks to highlight distinct voices primarily in and from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.] Jadaliyya (J): Are you a freelancer or do you work with an agency? Why did you choose this path?  Jonathan Rashad (JR): I have always been a freelancer. I chose this path as it gives me much more time to focus on issues I am interested in covering, not routine news and ...

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Port Said in Revolt

[A protester throws a tear gas canister back at police during street battles outside Port Said's Security Directorate. On the right, poster of a protester killed in January's clashes visible. 7 March 2013. (Photo by AFP/Jonathan Rashad)]

Tears in the eyes, bullets on the ground, and blood on the pavements - as injustice prevails. That is Port Said. The city has witnessed unrest again in March in response to an Egyptian court ruling that sentenced twenty-one Port Said residents to death for alleged involvement in killings that happened during a 1 February 2012 football riot, which left seventy-four dead . More than forty-six were killed in Port Said over the past two months during clashes.    ...

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Al-Moqattam Clashes in Photos

[Egyptian protesters gesture toward riot police during clashes outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. 22 March 2013 (Photo by Jonathan Rashad)]

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood gathered outside their headquarters on Friday March 22 2013 in the Cairo suburb of al-Moqattam in anticipation of opposition marches to the building. Clashes broke out that same day between opposition protesters and both security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.    [Members of the Muslim Brotherhood gather outside their headquarters in Cairo, Egypt as opposition   protesters clash with ...

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Jonathan Rashad



Jonathan Rashad is a freelance photojournalist, based in Cairo, Egypt. In 2008, he started his career as a photographer. In 2010, he moved into photojournalism.

His work has been published and distributed widely by a variety of media outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes, Aljazeera, CNN, Jadaliyya, AFP, Prix Pictet, Secours Catholique, Egypt Independent, The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and The Guardian.

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