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Hèla Yousfi


Social Struggles in Tunisia: A Curse or a Revolutionary Opportunity?

[Protesters march during a demonstration in Tunisia on 20 January 2011. Image by cjb22/Flickr.]

The Tunisian revolution was often painted as a sort of “divine” event during which the united and homogenous “Tunisian people” succeeded in getting rid of their “dictator.”  As if by the force of some quasi-magical act, all it took was the coming together of the people screaming a unified dégage on 14 January 2011 for the dictator to suddenly take flight. In using this lens, the causes and consequences of the revolt itself are glossed over. Moreover, the historical ...

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Hèla Yousfi


Hèla Yousfi is an associate professor in the Department of Management and Organization at Paris Dauphine University (DRM). She specializes in the field of sociology of organizations. She is the author of: UGTT at the Heart of the Tunisian Revolution, Mohammed Ali Hammi editions, Tunis (forthcoming, September 2013).