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Alex Cachinero-Gorman


A Tale of Two Movements: Divergent Trends at the World Social Forum-Free Palestine

[Members of the Brazilian trade union, CUT, march on 29 November (2012), the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People, in the Forum’s inaugurating procession. Image by Charlotte Kates]

From 28 November to 1 December 2012, around three thousand people from all over the world gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil for the World Social Forum-Free Palestine (WSF-FP). Like any mass gathering, this Social Forum served both as a point of contact for activists to network and plan new initiatives, as well as bring out the movement’s inner tensions and challenges in strange—and sometimes uncomfortable—moments. In particular, the unprecedented size and ambition of this ...

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Alex Cachinero-Gorman


Alex Cachinero-Gorman is a Chicago-based, Spain-ish rabble-rouser, freelance translator and interpreter. They participated in Hampshire College’s divestment in 2009, and co-founded Punks Against Apartheid.