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Alexa Firat


An Ecology of World Literature

[Cover of Alexander Beecroft,

Alexander Beecroft, An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day. London and New York: Verso Books. Alexander Beecroft’s most recent study, An Ecology of World Literature, is a profound undertaking that uses the scientific framework of ecology to “facilitate the comparative study of the interactions between literatures and their environments,” and hopefully to provoke discussions about particular cultural contexts with specific ecologies. Beecroft’s ...

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From High to Low and Back Again: A Fish Above Sea Level

[Poster for

Samak fawqa satah al-bahr [A Fish above Sea Level]. Directed by Hazim Bitar. Jordan, 2012. Recently I had the opportunity to view the independent film Samak fawqa satah al-bahr (A Fish above Sea Level) at the University of Jordan. This is the first feature-length film by Hazim Bitar, who both wrote and directed it. He is a prominent presence in the Jordanian film community, having produced more than six shorts, both narrative-driven and documentary, in addition to founding ...

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Alexa Firat


Alexa Firat holds a PhD in Arabic literature from the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches Arabic language and Arabic literature and cinema courses at Temple University. She is currently a Fulbright Scholar in Amman, Jordan (Spring 2013), researching contemporary Jordanian historical fictions.