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Ahmad Hosni


Sonbol in Sinai: A Narrative of Territorialization

[Screen shot from “Sonbol ba‘d al-milyon.” Screenplay by Ahmed Awad and directed by Ahmad Badr al-Din.]

In 1987 Egyptian public television aired the soap opera Sonbol Ba‘d al-Milyon (Sonbol After the Million), a burlesque soap opera of sorts starring the comedian Mohamed Sobhy. It came as a sequel to a popular first part titled The Million Pound Journey, in which Sonbol, the series’ main character, rises up the social ladder, despite his humble origins. Sonbol, played by Sobhy, is an ambitious self-made young man from the Nile Delta who decides to invest his savings by ...

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A Subject of Time: A Review of "Dust: Egypt’s Lost Architecture"

[Sarageldine Palace, Cairo, 2006. Photo by Xenia Nikolskaya.]

Dust: Egypt’s Lost Architecture (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2012) is a book of photographs by Xenia Nikolskaya about Egypt’s decaying colonial architecture. (A limited mock-up can be viewed here.) These are buildings in a pre-mortem state, or verging onto it; that is to say, buildings in a state of limbo. Nobody knows how long they will be around before being demolished and resold for more profitable use. Some of them are great works of architecture, yet they stand in purgatory ...

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Ahmad Hosni


Ahmad Hosni is a photographer based in Cairo and Barcelona. Hosni holds a bachelor degree in medicine as well as an MA in art theory from Goldsmiths College.