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Andrew Ryder


Derrida and the Crisis of French Zionism

[Cover of Benoît Peeters,

The life’s work of Jacques Derrida, often referred to by the name “deconstruction,” advanced a new way of reading. Emphasizing the deferral of meaning and the production of irreducible differences within the major concepts of European thought, Derrida’s thought was enormously controversial, particularly for its political implications. The complexity of deconstruction resists biographical interpretation, while Derrida’s life experiences undoubtedly affected its insights. He ...

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Andrew Ryder


Andrew Ryder is Postdoctoral Associate of the Department of French and Italian at the University of Pittsburgh. He has written numerous articles on ethical phenomenology, French modern literature, and post-Marxism. He is presently writing a book manuscript, titled Irreducible Excess: Politics, Sexuality, and Materialism.