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Neha Vora

The Political Life of Illiberal Death

[Living quarters of Thai workers in Taiwan hired to build Kaohsiung's mass rapid transit system. Image from]

During the summer of 2015, India suffered an extreme heat wave. Over 2500 people—primarily from the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana—lost their lives, either directly from heatstroke or from lack of access to water or healthcare. Many of these people were from the poorest strata of Indian society, already malnourished or reliant on day labor in order to survive. The Indian state’s response was weak at best, and in many cases, it was individual citizens and ...

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New Texts Out Now: Neha Vora, Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora

[Cover of Neha Vora,

Neha Vora, Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora. Durham: Duke University Press, 2013. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Neha Vora (NV): I have always had an interest in South Asian diasporas, particularly in the forms of identification, cultural production, and belonging that occur as people move from “homeland” to new locales—how they imagine home and how they imagine themselves and their communities in relation to others. When I entered my PhD program ...

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Theorizing the Arabian Peninsula Roundtable: Unpacking Knowledge Production and Consumption

[This is one of seven contributions in Jadaliyya's electronic roundtable on the symbolic and material practices of knowledge production on the Arabian Peninsula. Moderated by Rosie Bsheer and John Warner, it features Toby Jones, Madawi Al-Rasheed, Adam Hanieh, Neha Vora, Nathalie Peutz, John Willis, and Ahmed Kanna.]   (1) Historically, what have the dominant analytical approaches to the study of the Arabian Peninsula been? How have the difficulties of carrying out ...

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Neha Vora


Neha Vora is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Lafayette College. Her research focuses on migration, citizenship, political economy, and governance in the Gulf Arab States. Her book, Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora, was recently published by Duke University Press. She is currently working on a project that investigates the impacts of American branch campuses on Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.