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Frances Hasso


Alternative Worlds at the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunis

[Unemployed diploma holders carry a banner reading “work, freedom, dignity, nationalism” at the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunis. Image by Frances Hasso]

Last month, I attended my first World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. I study social movements and teach about the WSF and the very different and more established annual scrum of the powerful in Davos: the World Economic Forum. I was eager to attend the 2013 WSF (26-30 March) because of its location, chosen by activists during the February 2011 World Social Forum in Dakar to honor the Tunisian Jasmine revolution that overthrew the Ben Ali regime. The WSF ...

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Frances Hasso


Frances Hasso is Associate Professor in the Women's Studies Program at Duke University, director of the Duke International Comparative Studies Program, and holds a secondary appointment in the Sociology Department at Duke. Further information on her intellectual background may be found here.