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Ania Dabrowska and Diab Alkarssifi


Publications: An Excerpt From the Book "A Lebanese Archive"

[Ania Dabrowska, A Lebanese Archive, Om Ashad Qara, Ashad Qara, and village children, Photo by Diab Alkarssifi, Slefa Village, Lebanon, 1984, 2015]

[The book A Lebanese Archive by Ania Dabrowska, from the collection of Diab Alkarssifi, was published by Book Works and Arab Image Foundation, 2015.] Om Ashad, (Ashad’s Mother) Slefa Village, Lebanon, 1984 DA 1984 was a bloody year in Lebanon, with heavy fighting in Beirut. Bekaa valley was under the control of the Syrian army, but despite this and despite the war it was not affected by the fighting. Life went on as normal. We were on a trip to the waterfalls in ...

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Pierced Memories: The Lebanese Archive of Diab Alkarssifi

[Fatima Hammdo in a traditional dress and an army uniform, from the Alkarsiffi family album, 1970s.]

[Text by Ania Dabrowska, photos courtesy of Diab Alkarssifi.] The Lebanese Archive of Diab Alkarssifi is a project about a collection of photographs belonging to an ordinary man with a passion and a story. It is also a project about the process of an artist (myself) transforming this collection into an archive within this particular cultural context: two migrants living in London, a Polish artist and a retired Lebanese journalist, an artist’s residency in a homeless ...

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Ania Dabrowska and Diab Alkarssifi


Ania Dabrowska (born 1973, Poland, living and working in London since 1992) is an award-winning artist working in the mediums of photography, video, sound and installation. She is also a facilitator and a lecturer. Her work has been exhibited internationally since 2001. Much of her work is socially engaged, with interest in participatory, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary practices. View her work on her website.

Diab Alkarssifi was born in 1951 in Baalbek, Lebanon. In 1975 he moved to Moscow, to study philosophy and media. The outbreak of war in 1976 forced him to interrupt his study and return to Lebanon. For 16 years he worked as a photojournalist and writer for Al Nida and Al Akhbar newspapers, New TV, and Sowt Al Shaab radio station, as well as various magazines. He has been living in London since he moved to the UK in 1993. He has been taking and collecting photographs all his life.