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Reinoud Leenders


Syrian Petition for Political Change: A Dramatic Missed Opportunity

[Image from unknown archive.]

Given the atrocities currently committed in Syria and the spectacularly bad press this generates for the regime, one would think that issuing an effective petition calling for political change in this country would be an easy task. All such a petition needs to do is to jump on the bandwagon of rapidly mounting protests and express the deeply felt anger across large sections of the Syrian population. In addition, any serious public appeal would demonstrate that there is a ...

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Regional "Contagion" in the Arab World: For "Good" or "Worse?"

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Although predicted by few, the current upheavals in several Arab countries reinvigorate commonplace perceptions of the countries and peoples in the Arab world and the Middle East at large as constituting a densely intertwined, interconnected and bounded region. When Tunisian protestors expelled their dictator, parallels were quickly drawn with Mubarak’s rule in Egypt, prompting mass mobilization there and causing a similar exit of this country’s long-standing ruler. In their ...

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Reinoud Leenders


Reinoud Leenders joined the University of Amsterdam in September 2005. He currently teaches Comparative Politics of Development and Politics of Corruption and Transnational Crime, and supervises a MA thesis course on the Politics of the "Natural Resource Curse." His main interests and focus of research relate to Middle East Politics, Political Economy of War and Post-war Reconstruction, Political Corruption and Development, Transnational (criminal) Networks, and International Conflict Management and Resolution.