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Hisham Bustani


بعد أشهر من التضليل: لماذا ما زلنا بحاجة لمنع صفقة الغاز مع إسرائيل

مدخل في منتصف شهر أيلول 2014، وقعت شركة الكهرباء الوطنية (المملوكة بالكامل للحكومة الأردنية) خطاب نوايا مع شركة نوبل إنرجي الأميركية كممثل عن تحالف من الشركات الإسرائيلية (هي ديليك، أفنير، راشيو) لتزويد الشركة بالغاز من حقل ليفاياثان المشاطئ لسواحل حيفا المحتلة، وهو حقل غير مطوّر حتى الآن، تمتلك نوبل إنرجي 39% منه، بينما تمتلك الشركات الإسرائيلية حصة الأغلبية 61%. خطاب النوايا الموقع هو اتفاقية أولية غير ملزمة، رفضت الحكومة الأردنية الكشف عن بنوده واعتبرته سريّاً، وهو ...

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Jordan's New Opposition and the Traps of Identity and Ambiguity

[Chair of the National Dialogue Committee. Image from Petra News Agency.]

There are two major tribulations in Jordan from which all other issues stem. The first is the autocratic authority that dominates the role of all “state institutions” (i.e., the Cabinet, the Parliament, and the Judiciary). This autocratic domination is legally sanctioned by the Jordanian constitution:  ·      Article 26 states that “The Executive Power shall be vested in the King, who shall exercise his powers through his ...

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The Alternative Opposition in Jordan and the Failure to Understand Lessons of Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions


In Jordan, no one seems to have learned from the lessons of Tunisia and Egypt. Especially not the “opposition,” which can be divided into the “official” opposition and the “alternative” opposition. The "official" opposition—comprised of the legalized opposition parties and professional associations—still seeks weak reformist goals that constitute a continuation of its collapsing course that began in 1989 (the year marking the end of martial law in Jordan and the ...

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Hisham Bustani

Hisham Bustani is a writer and activist. He often publishes in al-Akhbar (Lebanon) and al-Quds al-Arabi (London) newspapers and in the well-known Arab literary review al-Adab (Lebanon). His articles were translated into English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. He also writes literature, and has two books of short fiction: On Love and Death (Beirut: Dar al-Farabi, 2008) and The Monotonous Chaos of Existence (Beirut: Dar al-Farabi, 2010).