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Jay Cassano

Turkey Page Co-Editor

One Year Since the Gezi Uprising: A Timeline

[Image via Jadaliyya Turkey Page.]

Sometimes journalists report. Sometimes we analyze and comment. Sometimes we investigate. But sometimes we just provide context. As the author of one of the first English-language articles providing in-depth background on the Gezi Resistance movement, I have had a lot of friends and colleagues ask me what I will be writing for the one-year anniversary of Gezi Park’s occupation. It is tempting to write a grand sweeping analysis about what happened to the movement, where it ...

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The Not-So-Tangled Web of Tear Gas Manufacturers

[A network graph showing tear gas manufacturers and the countries in which their products are used. See below for an interactive version of this image. Graph by Jay Cassano.]

As waves of popular uprising have spread across the globe, these disparate movements have all faced overwhelming repression from their own police or military forces. Beyond a general sense of popular power, what unites these popular revolts more than anything else is the tool used to quell mass protests: tear gas. But perhaps what is most striking is that the same handful of tear gas manufacturers ship their gas to repressive regimes around the world. Using data compiled ...

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Activists Submitted Report Against Olympics in Istanbul

[Image via Olimpiyatlara Hayır Facebook Page.]

On Saturday, the International Olympic Committee opted to host the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo rather than Madrid or Istanbul. All three cities have been plagued by issues that make them risky venues in the eyes of the IOC: a nuclear disaster, austerity and recession, and mass protest, respectively. Nonetheless, it is telling that the IOC considers Tokyo, with an environmental catastrophe on its doorstep, to be a safer bet than Istanbul. In response to Istanbul's Olympic ...

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Turkiet: Upprorets sommar ar har

[Police stationed at street corners on Istiklal Street on 1 June 2013. Photo by Carole Woodall.]

[This article was originally written by Jay Cassano, and published by Jadaliyya in English. It was translated/published in Swedish by FriaTidningin.]   I skrivande stund är Istanbul under belägring. Stadens polisstyrka – den största i Europa – har med full kraft slagit ner kraft på fredliga ockupanter i Geziparken. Protesten började den 27 maj, till synes mot byggandet av ett köpcentrum över en park vid det centrala Taksimtorget. Men massiva folkliga ...

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Le Mouvement du droit à la ville et l’été turc

[Un manifestant et la police à le parc Gezi. 31 Mai 2013. Image par Yücel Tunca via Nar Photos.]

Au moment même où j’écris, Istanbul est assiégé. Toute la puissance des forces de police d’Istanbul - la plus importante police municipale d’Europe - est en train de s’abattre sur les occupants pacifistes du parc Gezi. La protestation a débuté le 27 mai dernier, à l’origine, un projet de construction d’un centre commercial au milieu de la place Taksim. Mais, un mouvement populaire suivi aussi massivement ne naît pas de nulle part. Il est le résultat d’un travail acharné de ...

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The Right to the City Movement and the Turkish Summer

[A protestor and police in Gezi Park. 31 May 2013. From Yücel Tunca via Nar Photos.]

As I write this, Istanbul is under siege. The might of Istanbul's entire police force—the largest city police force in Europe—is violently cracking down on peaceful occupiers in Gezi Park. The protest, which began on 27 May, is ostensibly over a planned shopping center to be built over a park in Istanbul's central Taksim Square. Nevertheless, massive popular movements like this do not emerge out of nowhere. Typically, they are the result of the tireless groundwork of ...

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Jay Cassano


Jay Cassano is a freelance journalist currently living in Brooklyn. Previously based in Istanbul, he wrote regularly for Inter Press Service and contributed to regional English-language publications such as Egypt Independent and Al Akhbar English. He is co-editor of the Turkey Page and is also the web editor for Mashallah News. Follow him on Twitter @jcassano.