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Matt Duffy


Despite Arab Uprisings, Press Freedom Still Elusive

[Jordanian journalists on 29 September 2011 protesting in front of Parliament against an anti-corruption law that would affect press freedoms. Image by Mohammad Hannon/AP]

Perhaps the most disappointing result of the Arab Spring revolutions that erupted in 2011 is how little has changed for local media outlets in the Middle East. With some limited exceptions among the post-revolution countries of Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Tunisia, the local press in the Arab world generally suffers from the same predicaments of self-censorship, avoidance of government criticism, and reverence for broad “red lines” in coverage that simply aren’t ...

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Dr. Matt J. Duffy teaches journalism and international media law at Georgia State University in Atlanta where he is a fellow with the Center for International Media Education. Follow him on Twitter: @mattjduffy