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Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız


#resistankara: Notes of a Woman Resisting

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Thousands of women filled the streets and squares in Ankara and took them back: spraying anti-teargas solutions in someone’s eyes, picking up the trash, advising people not to use swear words, but still talking, screaming, not keeping silent, swallowing, and walking, and walking again. The Gezi Park protests can be, and are being, analyzed in multiple ways. Meanwhile, on its nineteenth day as this piece is being written, the protests and the solidarity of the protestors ...

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Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız


Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız currently works at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University. She received her PhD in Turkish Studies from Leiden University in 2009. Among her publications are the books Modernization and Gender Regimes in Turkey and Neye Yarar Hatıralar? Türkiye’de Bellek ve Siyaset Çalışmaları [What Is the Use of Memories? Studies of Memory and Politics in Turkey], as well as many articles on memory, politics, gender, and motherhood in Turkey. She can be reached at