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Önder Güneş


'All of a Sudden!': Gezi Park Resistance in Ankara

[Street sign during protests in Ankara. Photo by Önder Güneş.]

Perhaps the best words to express the beginning of the resistance in Ankara belong to the Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanık: “Everything happened all of a sudden!” We had been following the developments in Gezi Park for four days. These developments were similar to what had happened with the Emek Movie Theater, which was constructed in 1924 and was destroyed by the government’s decision one month ago in order to construct a shopping mall in its place in the middle of Istiklal ...

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Önder Güneş


Önder Güneş is a PhD candidate and a research assistant in the Department of Sociology at Middle East Technical University in Ankara. His research interests include political sociology and sociology of law. His MA thesis was on the concept of “tore,” which can be defined as the customary law of tribal organizations in the Kurdish region of Turkey. His current research is on the articulations of diverse forms of domination in contemporary Turkey.