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Kansu Yıldırım and Ekrem Ekici


Occupy Angara: A Situation Assessment in a State of Emergency

[Protesters attacked by the police in Ankara. Photo via Kansu Yıldırım.]

[NOTE: Angara is an alternative pronunciation of the name Ankara, which reflects the peculiarities of the city and the country.] The Political Atmosphere Leading Towards Gezi Park Process It can be said that the Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP) was born as a hegemonic project in the wake of the economic and social crisis that Turkey faced in 2001. In a period when politics was stifled and many economic parameters rang alarm bells, the AKP was coded as a critical actor to ...

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Kansu Yıldırım and Ekrem Ekici


Kansu Yıldırım received his MA in Women's Studies from Ankara University. His research interests include class studies and gender politics, Marxist philosophy, as well as theories of the state and imperialism. He writes regularly for several publications in Turkey, including Birikim and Sendika. 

Ekrem Ekici is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include Marxist philosophy, Althusserian Marxism, ideology and social movements.