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Ömür Harmanşah


Urban Utopias and How They Fell Apart


Taksim: A Political Ecology The uprising that started with Taksim Square’s Gezi Park in Istanbul on 28 May emerged as a unique movement of resistance in Turkey’s history and has continued without interruption in the last several weeks. The Gezi Park Movement will be remembered as a successful mass movement of youth activism whose main purpose has been to reclaim public space in the cities in Turkey and the rural countryside, a political ecology that is under threat from the ...

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Ömür Harmanşah


Ömür Harmanşah is an assistant professor of archaeology and ancient Western Asian studies at Brown University. He works and teaches on the archaeology, architectural history, and material culture of the Middle East. He is the author of Cities and the Shaping of Memory in the Ancient Near East (Cambridge, 2013). His academic interests involve intersections of place and landscape, bodily performance, local knowledge, collective memory, and political ecology. He is currently working on a cultural biography of rock reliefs and spring monuments in Anatolia and a critical archaeology of place.