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Ali Abdel Mohsen


An Account of Abuse in Rabea

[14 December 2012, pro-Morsi rally, the Arabic reads:

With its one-month anniversary around the corner and attacks on its participants only increasing, tensions are high at the Rabea al-Adaweya Muslim Brotherhood sit-in, defiance now sharing the air with paranoia and suspicion. Reports of the torturing of “infiltrators” by the sit-in’s members have by this point been confirmed—the same cannot be said of claimed sightings of bodies being removed from the area. Meanwhile, another form of escalation seems to be taking ...

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Ali Abdel Mohsen


Ali Abdel Mohsen travels between journalism and arts, and claims that one informs the other for him. He often writes long observational pieces that reflect on the social and the political, but he is to be feared when it comes to reviews of films he hates. When he is not on the frontline of clashes collecting notes for his first-hand accounts, he is usually at home scribbling and feeding his multiple cats.