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Aslı Iğsız


Brand Turkey and the Gezi Protests: Authoritarianism, Law, and Neoliberalism (Part Two)

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[Part one of this article can be found here.] Brand Turkey: Modeling Democracy and Neoliberalism When commentators for CNN International, the new bête noir of AKP supporters for its Gezi coverage, criticized the government reaction against the protesters, they claimed that Turkey had previously been held up as a model of democracy in the Middle East, but that the present situation showed that Turkey was a model for nobody. Others in the media debated whether the Gezi Park ...

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Brand Turkey and the Gezi Protests: Authoritarianism, Law, and Neoliberalism (Part One)

[Street performer as Themis, the representation of justice, in Ankara's Kugulu Park. Image via]

Neoliberalism, Illegality, and State of Exception in Turkey The Gezi Park protests, and the state response to them, have crystallized larger dynamics in Turkey. These include recent legal changes and their contribution to the institutionalization of neoliberalism, centralization of powers, allegations of cronyism, authoritarianism, and encroachment on professional independence and labor rights. Overall, these protests offer a valuable opportunity to consider how ...

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Aslı Iğsız


Aslı Iğsız is Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University. Her teaching and research interests include cultural representation and cultural history, narratives of war and displacement, and dynamics of heterogeneity in late Ottoman and contemporary Turkish contexts.