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Francesca Borri


Woman’s Work: The Twisted Reality of an Italian Freelancer in Syria

[Francesca Borri while covering Syria. Photo by Alessio Romenzi]

He finally wrote to me. After more than a year of freelancing for him, during which I contracted typhoid fever and was shot in the knee, my editor watched the news, thought I was among the Italian journalists who had been kidnapped, and sent me an email that said: “Should you get a connection, could you tweet your detention?” That same day, I returned in the evening to a rebel base where I was staying in the middle of the hell that is Aleppo, and amid the dust, hunger, and ...

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Francesca Borri


Francesca Borri published two books, one on Kosovo and another on Israel/Palestine, while working as a human-rights officer. She turned to journalism when she realized that power players were more upset by what she wrote than what she did as a jurist.