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Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza

The Future of The Brotherhood

[Muslim Brotherhood logo hanging on the former Brotherhood Headquarters on El-Tawfiqiya Street, Cairo, Egypt. Image originally posted to Flicker by Hossam El-Hamalawy]

A few years ago, some social scientists propagated the concept of “post-Islamist” politics. They were referring to the gradual ascendance of cultural and identity-based, yet youth-oriented and global-friendly Islamist social movements developed in response to the increasing de-popularization of the mainstream groups of political Islam. In many ways, these post-Islamist groups are different from your typical Muslim Brotherhood-type organizations, which have been operational ...

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Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza


Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza earned his PhD in Arab & Islamic Studies at Exeter University in the United Kingdom. His research interests lie within the field of Middle East politics and society, with a special focus on state and society relations, informal and patronage politics, and the political economy of development.