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Mina Khanlarzadeh

The Effects of The Economic Sanctions Against Iran

[Iranian banknotes and foreign coins are displayed by a vendor on a side walk of the Ferdowsi Street in Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, 23 January 2013. Iran's national currency lost nearly forty percent of its value in 2012. Each US dollar was traded at about ten thousand rials as recently as early 2011. Iranian authorities have accused the West of waging an

[A note about the personal stories in the article: The personal stories included in this article are responses from an online survey I conducted in Persian about the impact of the economic sanctions on the public and domestic spheres. The purpose of the survey is to create a space for the everyday, untold experiences of people currently living under the conditions of economic sanctions in Iran. For the privacy of the respondents, their personal information is not ...

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Mina Khanlarzadeh

Mina Khanlarzadeh is a PhD student at Columbia University. You can read her former essay about the effects of the economic sanctions against Iran here and you can email her at