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Laura Boushnak


Survivor: Life After Cluster Bomb

[Mohammed's prosthetic legs lie on a sofa at his home in the Rashidiyeh camp for Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon. Photo by Laura Boushnak.]

Survivor is a decade-long documentary photography project following the story of Mohammed, a young cluster bomb survivor. During the summer 2006 Israel-Hizbollah war in Lebanon he was riding as a passenger on his father's motorbike when it struck a cluster bomb. Over the past 10 years I have documented how Mohammed, like so many other survivors around the world, lives with the horrifying repercussions of cluster munitions. Mohammed was eleven years old when he lost both ...

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Snapshot: Tunis

[Asmaa, a student of biological engineering in Tunis, poses for a photo in her bedroom. It reads,

Asmaa, a biological engineering student at a university in Tunis, chose to have her portrait taken in her bedroom. She sees her bedroom, which is covered with street-style graffiti, as the place that best reflects her personality. She comfortably sat on her bed with her legs folded and jokingly said, “I’ve always dreamed of discovering a new bacteria, now after the revolution, we have a new one every single day.” I was in Tunisia a couple of months ago for my ongoing ...

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Laura Boushnak


Laura Boushnak is a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer based in Sarajevo. Her work mainly focuses on the Middle East, looking at issues that she finds stem from her own personal experience of gender, education, and aftermath of war. 

After receiving a degree in sociology from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 1999, Boushnak infused her interest in social issues with her passion for the visual arts and began her career as a photographer for the Associated Press in Lebanon. She then went on to work with the Agence France-Presse (AFP) at its Middle East hub in Cyprus and its headquarters in Paris. During this nine-year span, Boushnak’s experience included covering hard news in conflict zones such as the war in Iraq and the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war.

As of 2008, she has been working as an independent photographer, commissioned for editorial assignments by the New York Times and other publications, while also giving more of her time to long-term personal projects in the Middle East.

Boushnak’s main focus has been on her on-going projects, “I Read I Write” and “Survivor.”  The former revolving around Arab women’s education and literacy, while the latter highlights the aftermath of war and its impact on individuals long after the fighting has ended. Both projects have received honorable awards and recognition including:  the first Getty Images/ lean-in editorial grant, The Terry O’Neil Photography Award in the UK, and two honorable mentions in the UNICEF Photo of the Year Award.

Her work has been part of public and private collections, which include the British Museum, and has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, such as the Birmingham Museum in the UK, the Sharjah Art Museum in the UAE, and The Arp Museum Bahnhof Ralandseck in Germany.

Boushnak is a TED fellow and has been invited to give talks in different parts of the world, including two separate TED talks in 2014 and 2016, where she shared the stories behind her “I Read I Write” and “Survivor” projects to a worldwide audience.

She is the co-founder of RAWIYA, the first photo collective in the Middle East.