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Angela Giordani

Keywords: Revolution/Coup d’état

[16 March 2012, Revolutionary Socialists HQ, Egypt. The writings on the wall are against the Muslim Brotherhood and their alliance with the US at the time. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim]

What is in a name? When the name is thawra or inqilab, revolution or coup, everything. Or so it would seem in light of the intense debates and major PR campaigns that emerged in the wake of 3 July over how to name the events surrounding ex-President Morsi’s removal from power. What is at stake in the debates over the naming of the combination of mass protests and military intervention that took place from 30 June to 3 July? And why do none of the labels seem fully ...

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Angela Giordani


Angela Giordani is a PhD student at Columbia University working in modern Arab intellectual history and literature. Her current research deals primarily with mid- to late-twentieth century Arab thought, focusing on the relation of literary criticism to social and political theory, concepts of authentic knowledge, and post-1967 trajectories of the Arab Left.