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John Horne


Preemptive Crackdown in Bahrain Against Planned Tamarrod Protests

[Clashes between protestors and riot police in Sitra, 12 March 2011. Image from Saeed Saif.]

The Bahrain government is currently engaged in a new crackdown on activists and wider civil liberties. In the past few days alone, dangerous new legislation has been introduced, there have been many arrests including prominent activists, and the government has “sanctioned a witch hunt” through the creation of a “hotline” for citizens to report websites and social media accounts deemed to be against "public interests and targeting national unity and civic peace.” ...

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John Horne

John Horne is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham, studying representations of torture in contemporary visual culture. He is also a member of the research and advocacy organisation Bahrain Watch. He tweets at @JohnHorneUK.