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Hikmet Kocamaner


Delinquent Kids, Revolutionary Mothers, Uncle Governor, and Erdogan the Patriarch (Part Two)

[Prime Minister Erdoğan looking at his family photos, 18 June 2013. Photo by Harun Sarı-Mesut Yeşil, via the Ministry of the Family and Social Policy’s Facebook Page]

[Part one of this article can be found here.] So far, this essay has illustrated how political actors have addressed the family in their discourse as a part of their strategy to keep the protestors under control, and how protestors and their mothers have turned the discourse on the family on its head by appropriating the family as an integral part of their resistance. Whether to conform to the status quo or to subvert it, due to the notions of sacredness attributed to it, ...

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Delinquent Kids, Revolutionary Mothers, Uncle Governor, and Erdogan the Patriarch (Part One)

[Gas mask made of lacework, with the caption

The Gezi Park Protests and Politics of the Family Many academic commentators on the Gezi Park protests and the ensuing nation-wide uprisings have tended to focus on their more overtly political characteristics, adopting a macro-political perspective in their approach to the unfolding events. This essay instead diverts attention to the family, a seemingly less distinct “political” domain, and examines how state officials have utilized familial discourse during the Gezi Park ...

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Hikmet Kocamaner



Hikmet Kocamaner is a PhD Candidate in the dual degree program in Anthropology and Middle Eastern & North African Studies at the University of Arizona. His dissertation is tentatively titled “Politics of the Family: Islam, Civil Society, Media, and the State in Turkey.” His research interests include the secularization of Islamic media, neoliberal biopolitics, and politics of the family.