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Sébastien Bachelet


Sub-Saharan Migrants’ Quest for Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

[Collective meal in an Ivorian ghetto (overcrowded and derelict collective housing arrangement for migrants) nicknamed

[This article is the fourth in a Jadaliyya series that addresses the present sociopolitical landscape of migration in Morocco. Read the previous installments in the series by Sébastien Bachelet: "Cynical and Macabre 'Politics of Migration' at Morocco’s Borders;" by Anna Jacobs: "Creation and Cooptation: The Story of Morocco’s Migration Reform;" and by Allison L. McManus: "Subaltern Is Not Voiceless – They Sing: Learning from Migrants’ ...

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Cynical and Macabre 'Politics of Migration' at Morocco’s Borders

[Image from the #lasfronterasmatan campaign. Image from Twitter user @fanetin.]

“Despite a year marked by successive tragedies as a result of the recrudescence of repression, institutional violence and racism, will 2013 mark a historical turn for politics of migration in Morocco? Will foreigners and migrants be recognized into society?” These questions headed an article by Micheline Bochet Milon, a member of the Groupe anti-raciste d’accompagnement et de défense des étrangers et des migrants (GADEM), in the last issue of the Louna-Tounkaranké network’s ...

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Migrants in Morocco: 'Go Home or Face Death'

[Image of the fence around the Melilla Spanish enclave. Image by Noborder Network/Flickr.]

On 28 June, Moroccan human rights associations Association lumière sur l’émigration clandestine au Maghreb (ALECMA), Groupe antiraciste d’accompagnement et de défense des étrangers et migrants (GADEM), Association marocaine des droits de l’Homme (AMDH), and Forum des alternatives Maroc (FMAS) launched the “Number 9: Stop police violence at the borders!” campaign. Campaign Number 9 denounces the violence that migrants (mostly from sub-Saharan African countries) face when ...

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Sébastien Bachelet


Sébastien Bachelet is a doctoral student in social anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. His research deals with social and political movements amongst sub-Saharan  migrants in the marginal neighbourhoods of Takadoum, Douar Hajja and Maadid (Rabat).