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Beeta Baghoolizadeh


Marriage Contracts and the Mashhadi Jewish Community: Art as a Second Identity in the Nineteenth Century

[Cropped image of nineteenth-century Qajar era painting known as

During Iran’s Qajar period (l785-1925), when wedding memories were ephemeral—specialized photographers or videographers were not available quite yet—artifacts like the marriage contract became the material substance through which sacred unions were validated and remembered. These inherently practical documents were stunning works of art as well, with which families could express social status, engage in trends, and, in some cases, masquerade their identities. As the major ...

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Beeta Baghoolizadeh

Beeta Baghoolizadeh is a PhD student in the department of history at the University of Pennsylvania. Broadly, her research pertains to the formation of cultural and religious identities in Qajar Iran, especially focusing on issues of race and slavery. She is also the co-editor in chief of the Ajam Media Collective at