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Mohamad Salama Adam and Lina Attalah

First-Hand Account of Rabea Dispersal

[14 August 2013, Rabea Al-Adawiya during the aggressive dispersal of the pro-Morsi set-in. Image originally posted to Wikipedia]

We reached the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in at seven am on Wednesday, about an hour after the police and Armed Forces launched their coordinated attack to disperse the six-week long demonstration. South of Nasr Street, tens of Muslim Brotherhood protesters gathered in front of a military cordon closing off the sit-in. As the daunting bangs of machine guns intermittently dispersed them, the protesters struggled to regroup several times, chanting, “We will ...

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Mohamad Salama Adam and Lina Attalah


Mohamad Salama Adam describes himself as a failed physicist and day laborer journalist. He spent his formative years between Wardan, a town in rural Giza whose only claim to fame is a fake Pharonic temple built by one of its Pharoah-obsessed sons, and Imbaba, an area of Cairo whose notoriety masks great swatches of its unremarkable suburbaness.

After earning a degree in Physics from Cairo University Adam worked as a medical rep in a prosthetic limbs company. Pining for his “forbidden love” (Physics) he secured a fellowship with a prestigious university whose teaching standards did not live up to his high hopes.

Adam was sucked into journalism, where he gainfully uses his favorite hobby, talking. He reports on the Muslim Brotherhood and the security sector. He has ambitions to write about football.


Lina Attalah balances between leading a team of young journalists and being one herself.

As chief editor, she celebrates the individuality of her staff members, encouraging them to find stories that interest them and tell them in their own voices.

Always attempting to experiment and break molds, Lina is known to embrace unconventional story pitches and help develop them into valuable and unique content.

Lina takes every chance to escape the desk and put her journalist cap back on. Her practice has taken her all over the region, often arriving to places at a time that most people are fleeing them.

A poetic thread shines through Lina’s writing even as she deciphers complex social and political news, revealing her ever-present artistic side.