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Jack Shenker

The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution - Afterword

[Book cover of Jack Shenker's

[This is an edited extract from Jack Shenker’s book, published in the UK as The Egyptians: A Radical Story (Allen Lane / Penguin) and in the US as The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution (New Press) – for more details, see here.] In late February 2016, President Sisi strode up to the podium at Cairo’s El Galaa theatre, looked into the waiting television cameras, and addressed the nation. “Don't listen to anyone but me,” he declared. “I am dead ...

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Beyond The Voice of Battle

[4 December 2012, protesters spray graffiti on an abandoned Central Security Forces (CSF) truck:

No matter how many times you witness it, the transformation is still a dizzying one. Kiosks that once vended chocolate and cigarettes, deployed as a gunman’s shield. Shop window shutters framing sugar-sopped cakes or risqué clothes mannequins, now the roughage of a street barricade and clouded in teargas. Rooftops normally barnacled with satellite dishes and humming AC units, today specked with sniper rifle sights. All that familiar stuff, wrenched from an old ...

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Jack Shenker


Jack Shenker is a writer based in London and Cairo, whose reporting has spanned the globe. Formerly Egypt correspondent for The Guardian, his coverage of the Egyptian revolution received multiple prizes. In 2012, his investigation into the deaths of African migrants in the Mediterranean was named news story of the year at the prestigious One World media awards. The Egyptians, published by Allen Lane / Penguin in the UK and The New Press in the US, is his first book -