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Sherief Gaber

Deaths Without Dignity

[10 October 2011, A Muslim girl who came to support her Christian friend after her brother was killed during the battles of Maspero, Egypt. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

"You want to see the bodies? Ok then, here!" the man working at the morgue said, holding me and a friend by the arm and practically pushing us into a humid room filled with bodies, lying on slabs or on the floor and in various states of decay. We had been at the morgue for over an hour, coming from the tear gas and shooting in Mohamed Mahmoud Street to Zeinhom, Cairo's only morgue, because we had heard that medical examiners were refusing to autopsy the bodies of ...

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Sherief Gaber


Sherief Gaber is a member of the Mosireen independent media collective and a researcher focusing on housing rights and social justice.