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Saygun Gökarıksel


Speaking of Resistance

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“Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere resistance” is one of the most famous slogans of the popular uprising that emerged out of the Taksim Gezi park protests in Istanbul in May and June. Ironically, the 15 June police crackdown that violently pushed the protesters out of Gezi Park has given occasion to organize more elaborate “forums” and “people’s assemblies” in different public parks of Istanbul and other, predominantly western cities of Turkey. Today many of these parks ...

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Saygun Gökarıksel is a doctoral candidate in cultural anthropology at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York. His research focuses on the political and legal aspects of “democratization” and capitalist nation-state building processes, and specifically the post-1989 ethico-political and judicial reconstructions of East European socialist experience on the basis of Communist Secret Service archives. He is currently editing an on-line forum on recent popular uprisings and anti-government/anti-austerity protests for Columbia University’s Council for European Studies. His writing has appeared in Polish, Romanian, and Turkish journals.